Haole Rot

Brian had this white spot show up on his neck and he freaked out asking me what it was. To me it looked like a scar that had heeled. I told him he was being retarded and to stop freaking out.

Well, the people he works with were joking around and telling him he had Haole (pronounced Howl-eh) Rot. We thought this was ridiculous and just assumed they were making fun of him. So we didn't think anymore about it.

Well, that white spot is still there on his neck and has been for about a month so I decided to google Haole Rot and guess what...it really does exist and it is something that you can get. If you click on the title up there, it will take you to an article about this but I will give you a quick run-down anyway

Haole Rot is a skin fungus that is very common here apparently and it causes white spots to appear on your neck and face. It is not serious but it does make for some funny converstaion. You have to treat with some kind of ointment from the doctor before it will go away but Brian says that he doesn't need to since the rot can't really hurt him. The worst part is that you can catch it. If you use a wet towel or something like that you will get The Rot.

Amazingly enough, I haven't caught Haole Rot from Brian but I'm sure I will in due time. That's just how it goes.

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