Why We Need Yards

The other day after me and Brian finished our run in the park, we overheard a conversation by this father and his daughter. It went something like this:

Dad: (putting on his tennis shoes) Are you ready to head home?

Daughter: I think we could go get my bike and ride around again.

Dad: (at this point is very tired and sweaty) Are you sure you don't want to head home?

Daughter: I can't ride my bike at home, dad. I want to stay in the park and ride my bike.

Dad: (exhausted) I don't think I can honey. We need to head home now.

And as they were walking away, you heard the dad in a very tired and sad voice, "we need a yard."

If there is no other reason in the world to have a yard, this is it...so your children can entertain themselves outside without parental supervision. After all, parents need naps too :)

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