Rants about the Weekend

It was not a weekend full of excitement but I guess I did get to rest. I spent Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing. I spent the morning at the beach and then Brian got this big idea to teach me how to play Baseball on the PlayStation. I was alright at it I guess. I lost my first game though, but only by 1.

The biggest news I guess is that:


Kyle Busch finally pulled something out in the last part of the race and brought me a pretty good finish. I know I finished a couple of spots ahead of Dad too but I don't think I was able to gain enough on him. It wouldn't matter except there are big things at stake here...free tickets to the Coca-Cola 600 in May. BIG TIME!

But for now, lets talk about Jr. He had a Second Place finish! Top 5 in a very long time. Heck, top 10 in about a month. It wasn't good enough to keep him in the Chase. He sits less than 10 points behind Kurt Busch. Jr. and his team has been showing great improvements over the past few races. Let's hope he can keep it up.

I will have the points up soon!

Another day to keep in the record books: A double whammy

Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron for all time HR record
A-Rod hit his 500th HR.

I guess it would be a lot memorable if Bonds wasn't in the middle of a huge Roid scandal and A-Rod wasn't part of the most conceited team in the league. What makes it even better is that the commissioner isn't going to Bonds' games and isn't going to shake his hand, let along congratulate him. I think this is a bit extreme. After all, he hasn't been proven guilty yet.

On the other sports side, Hawaii Warrior Football is actually ranked for the season! First time in I don't know how long. This is pretty exciting...ranked and a Heisman candidate. Colt Brennen has really proved himself in WAC football. We will see how it goes, we just got our tickets to the first game of the season-HI verses Northern Colorado.

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