Summer In Review

It has definitely been a while since I last posted. My summer has officially come to an end. My first week of classes are over and I still wish it was summer!

My last day with Hawaiian Electric was last Thursday. I spent two or so months with HECO and I guess you guys are saying, Well she must have learned something then, right? Well, you are correct. I did learn something, I learned a lot actually. I was able to take part in lots of great communication/public relations activities that taught me a lot. I feel like I gained a wealth of information over those months that will help me along my life journey to find my perfect career. The people that I was able to work with and get to know are terrific. I will not name them by name but if they ever come across this posting they will learn that I very much appreciated the time I was able to spend with them. They are a force to be reckoned with :) This internship wasn't one of those mundane, let me get your coffee type of experiences. It was actually something that I did not mind getting myself up for in the morning when I could have easily slept in and laid on the beach (not that I didn't do that anyway). It was a great summer.

But, just like all good things, it had to come to an end. Classes began this week. I only have two (thank goodness) but I also have thesis credits that I have to work on. With that said, I can honestly say this was the most stressful week before classes ever. There is a lot of paperwork that must happen before you can register for thesis and it is very time consuming and stressful. On top of that you have to coordinate with three faculty that all have their own schedules to manage. Not your peaches in a basket scenario. After running around all day today, I managed to register for my thesis credits and everything is now set in motion. I just hope I can keep up with such a task! I am excited about my committee. I have come to know two of the three fairly well during the last year and the other I just met. However, she comes well-qualified from what I hear and I am excited about getting to work with a new face.

As for my classes, I am enrolled in Telecom Architectures. What that is exactly, I don't know. It seems though, that I will find out fairly soon. From the first day of classes it sounds interesting enough and it is something that is new, therefor it is exciting. The other class is Organizational Communication. Not to sure about this class yet. The syllabus sounds like it might be pretty interesting but I don't really know enough just yet to make up my mind. I guess we will see how this one goes.

I think it is going to be a good semester...definitely better than last. I am looking forward to getting finished with it though, and it is only the beginning. But hey, I am a student :)

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