Time for a Lil Christmas Cheer

Good evening everyone. Before I head out to see the lunar eclipse that is happening in about an hour, I though I would leave you guys a little holiday inspiration. I decided to create my own Christmas cards this year since I am into this card making business. I wanted to create very cheerful, happy-go-lucky cards because this is going to be the second Christmas without family around. I think it would better to send cheerful happy cards than sentimental ones saying how much I am missing them. So, with that said, on to the card :)

This card was too much fun to create! It is known as a waterfall card and I got the instructions from a talented artist at SCS. The waterfall card tutorial is given by Miss Kathy Logan and you can view her creations HERE and you can view the other waterfall cards HERE.

Isn't this a cute card.The card size is 4 1/2' x 5 1/2' and I wanted to keep the happy Christmas theme so I chose bright block paper in Christmas colors. I cut the Christmas paper so that it covered the left side of the card in a diagonal direction. There is no secret technique to this :) Just go with your gut and cut your paper :) The horizontal strip is a 1/2" red piece attached with brads. **BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS HERE VERY CAREFULLY**

The tiles are covered with snowflake paper and each tile has a cute Christmas themed sticker so when you flip through the card there is a neat surprise waiting for you :) I then attached a red ribbon to the bottom of the card with a wreath-shaped brad that will act as the pulley for the card. You should most definitely give this card a try. You will love it!!! Be sure to let me know if you try...I would love to see your work :)

**For complete dimensions and instructions, please visit the tutorial listed above**

2 Shack Opinions:

Samm said...

This is sooo cute! what a clever card!


Ashley Bowen said...

OH MY GOSH! SO Cute! I've tried one of these cards about 100 times...and I always mess it up! LOL!! WAY TO GO!! Hugs! Ash~