I See...

a new card creation coming soon! This week's Limited Supplies Challenge at SCS was too fun, or so I thought. The challenge--we couldn't use traditional embellishments. That means no ribbon, brads, eyelets, glitter, etc. I felt okay with this challenge because I am always limited to the items in my two duffel bags that fit under my futon :) This was perfect to show my creativity and my drawing skills.

This was my take on the challenge. I started with a 4 1/4" x 9" piece of purple card stock folded in half. I had just finished reading the horoscopes from the Honolulu Weekly so I used that as my inspiration for the card. As you can see the background is the horoscope section. Not my horoscope of coarse, I don't want everyone to know what's going on with my life :) I then free-handed a palm over the newspaper, traced with a Sharpie and then outlined with a green glitter pen. I used a pencil to add shadowing to the palm to make it pop from the page. I used the pen to write my sentiment "I see something special in your future" on a piece of purple card stock. The bow was actually my Christmas ornaments from last year. No making fun of my Christmas ornaments; I had none and had to make some ornaments myself. Thus I covered my 1 foot tree with green and blue bows.

There you have it! Nothing fancy. No embellishments. Only creativity at its finest ;) Mahalo for looking.

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