Ever Have One of Those Days

You know, when you feel the world is against you and consuming your entire lively-hood. Well, maybe not that bad. Oh, screw it. Just that bad.

You wake up to the sun a-shinin, clear blue skies, birds a-chirpin, and what seems like a genuinely good start to the day...until you leave the house.

Then you have to encounter






who think that God's light shines from their gold-crusted ass.

After putting up with them all day, you only look forward to heading home, putting on some comfy clothes, and just relaxing. Instead, you get home to find that special someone cranky just like the rest of the world. **sigh** It just never stops.

Why do things problems come in threes, or fours, or hundreds? I have never understood that. Perhaps I never will. Perhaps I will just have to live in this world and all of its shatty days...


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