I got to see...

the LION KING ON BROADWAY! It was such a magical experience. I love that movie; it was always one of my favorites. To see it recreated on stage was just amazing. The effects thay had were awesome. At some points in the show I just starred in awe at what was happening with the lights and special effects. It is truely a show to see and well worth the money.

My best advice...sit in the balcony! There is so much going on it will most likely be hard to take it all in from the floor.

I was supposed to have a fundraiser tomorrow but it got cancelled. I can't say that I am upset because it was like pulling teeth to get people to volunteer. That's okay though, it is OVAH!

Speaking of OVAH I had my midterm on Tuesday night. I was so anxious about it and that is so not me! I summed it up to my lack of test-taking skills. After all, I haven't taken a test in years! My supreme lack of abilities though wasn't a damper on my final answers...at least I hope not anyway! I actaully feel okay about the exam. My one problem, the questions seem extremely open-ended so I could have spent the entire 2 and a 1/2 hours scribing a book about the problems and possible solutions of the Digital Divide. I suppose we will see what happens.

I have no major plans for this weekend except for a yummy sale at Ben Franklin this weekend! Very exciting, I plan on doing a lot of shopping for Christmas. I have vowed to create most of my gifts this year. As a matter of fact I have the cutest Halloween goodie bags planned for my co-workers and a few for friends. If Brian is good I might make a few for his co-workers. After all, everyone needs to have a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN don't they?

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