My First Sunday Scrappin

I found a great new site through my friend Chrissy's blog. It is called SUNDAY SCRAPPIN'. Everyone involved with Sunday Scrappin' posts their Ta-Da's and thier To-Do's of the week. It is a great way to keep yourself motivated while gathering inspiration from other crafty ladies so I decided to join in.

My Ta-Da's: This week I have been focusing on a tag swap that I am participating in. I can't share them here because I don't want to spoil the surprise for any of the R-C-S ladies. :D They are turning out super cute if I do say so myself! I can't wait to see what everyone else does.

My To-Do's: I want to finish up the tags for the swap and send them out on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I also want to get 2 Mother's Day cards finished; one for my Mom and one for my boyfriend's Mom. Last but not least, I want to scrap a page. I haven't scrapped in such a long time (so it seems). Plus I am trying to use all of my stash since I am moving. I don't want to pack and ship a lot of scrappin' and stampin' materials from Hawaii to North Carolina. LOL.

They also give you a question of the week to ponder. This weeks question is: What kind of projects do you do the most often?
It seems like I have a lot of cards that I need to get finished lately. I have been working on a Christmas card challenge to get X number of cards finished each month so you have plenty of cards ready when the Christmas season rolls around. That has been consuming most of my time but to be honest, I am Christmas-ed out! I need to venture away from the Christmas cards for a bit. LOL.

Mahalo for stopping by!

7 Shack Opinions:

Amanda said...

Welcome to Sunday scrappin! It is so much fun, you will love it.

Good luck on the tag swap, it sounds like fun! I bet you will be surprised how much you can make with your stash that you have on hand!

Earthmommy said...

Are you moving to NC? If so, where? We're in Charlotte.

Chrissy said...

So glad you joined Crystal. I wish I had your will power to do all the christmas cards that you have been cranking out. I just can't get into making them this early. LOL! Good luck with your goals!


Melanie said...

Welcome to Sunday Scrappin' Crystal.

Good luck getting your goals met this week.

Storm said...

Welcome to Scrappin' Sunday. Good luck with your goals.

Sniz said...

Hi Crystal. Love your sig line, BTW. Is that your real name...Crystal Ware? Anyway, welcome to SS. I'm kinda new here myself, but since I scrap so much, I'm having a great time and the ladies here are so nice and encouraging. I hope you meet your goals this week!

Amy said...

I SO need to be doing the Christmas card thing... I stressed out last year and I wound up making cards at 3am the week before Christmas! Are you doing that through SCS? I know they had a challenge there.

Welcome to SS! :)