Ch Cha Cha Changes

Hey everyone. As some of you have probably noticed, my blog recently got an overhaul. I just needed a change (I enjoy lots of change). I added lots of new gizmo's and gadgets, not to mention a whole new column. You will also see lots of buttons for charities and organizations I feel strongly about. I thought that my blog should really be an extension of who I am. So, what does this blog say? Hopefully that I am a techno geek who loves to scrapbook and stamp but also cares deeply for non-profit work.

I also want to mention a huge THANK YOU to Crissy over at SCRAPBOOKING FOOL I received the most wonderful blog candy from her last week but I have been so busy with interviews and job applications that I haven't gotten around to telling her how AWESOME she is! Hey Crissy---YOU'RE AWESOME! Hopefully I can get around to posting a card later that I made with her yummy candy.

2 Shack Opinions:

PurrPrints said...

I like the charity links for sure--I need to figure out how to get thos eon my blog--and how to have things in multiple columns--it looks like you also have the minima design--i have minima stretch, but i'm thinking they'd be similar--how did you get a second column to put widgets in?

AnnMarie said...

Hiya Crystal! Stopping by to say hello! Hope you are doing well! LOVE the new look! : )