My Scrap Space

Since moving to Colorado, we definitely upgraded our apartment space by about 600 square feet. It is still a 1 bedroom so no extra space for a scrap/stamp room. The solution: I scrap and stamp on my dining room table. Our table is small so I usually end up with a mess around the entire table, all over the floor. Hey, I have to have a little room though, right? Since the move, I also had to get rid of most of my scrappin and stampin stuff so now, everything I own can fit inside 1 tote (yes, only 1 tote). That tote sits next to my dining room table, much to the dismay of my boyfriend. =D I thought I would share a few photos of my dining room after my stamping process was all over.

As you can see I have a very small space to actually work with. The perimeter of the table is filled with all of my supplies and of course, the most important tool, my Mac.

Here is the floor around my table, absolutely destroyed, littered with supplies. I try to keep things semi-organized so I can find things in the floor but this rarely happens. I should be ashamed that my house looks like this after a mini scrap session, but this is who I am.

More floor and more mess. It usually stays like this for a day or so. I am just so worn out from all my hard work that I don't want to clean. I'm sure all your stampers understand.

However, at the end of the day the mess is all worth it because I have a set of cute Holiday cards that I am sure my friends and family will love. Little do they know the sacrifice I go through to create such cards. The constant mess littering the floor and table when we try to eat dinner. The constant threat my the boyfriend to throw it away if I don't clean it up at once. Look what I have to show for it. One day I will actually organize my things. I have been meaning to make a couple of purchases that will organize my scrappin stuff but after buying a car (and an awesome car, if I may say so) those things got put on the backburner. Then I purchased plane tickets home for Christmas so it looks like organizing will not be happening for a while. When (or if) it happens, I will be sure to share that too.

6 Shack Opinions:

ChrissyM said...

Congrats on your new car, very nice! I used to have to scrap on the kitchen table too. It was a pain, by the time I pulled everything out I didn't want to be bothered. LOL! I do agree the end result is so worth it. Great cards!! Have fun visiting back home.

kathleenh said...

I think there's an American Express commercial in here somewhere.... Cardstock $50, stamps $200, ribbon $40, hand-stamped holiday cards-priceless! Yep, we can all relate to your stamping mess but it is all soooooo worth it!

Maria said...

I don't think your table is messy! You should see my desk! LOL! I'm glad to hear you now have a bigger apartment. I can imagine how small it was in Hawaii. I know, I've been there!

The one place I'm forbidden to craft is on our dining table. Actually. . .I've been banned in a lot of places. I can make a big mess that's why.

Congratulations on your new car!! Is that an Xterra? I have one but the older model! I love my car. I sit up so high, I can actually see the road! LOL!!


Crissy said...

I believe it is impossible to be truly organized with this hobby. Every time I clean my area I think...this time I am going to keep it clean..but nope! My best creativety comes when I can't find anything! he he

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Hmmmm! Kinda looks like my scrap space! I get mine clean and then blink and it looks like it did when I started. LOL!

Savitri said...

My dining table use to look like that. I think hubby's glad that I have a guest room to mess up. That guest room is always messy. Glad we only have guests once or twice a year!