Aloha everyone and Good Morning, at least in Hawaii! As I was browsing through cards in the SCS gallery I took notice of raised backgrounds on the various cards. I knew the technique but had no way of actually doing it. It added such a great pop to the card that I decided to ask a fellow SCS-er. MonicaA created the cutest Mr. Turtle card that had the embossing technique so I sent her a friendly email as her to share her skills. She is a great stamper by the way...take a look at her GALLERY
but remember those images are © MonicaA. She shared some great tips for me so I wanted to pass them along.

First she discussed the use of the Cuttlebug machine by Provo Craft. This machine is similar to any die-cut machine so I am assuming you can emboss using any of these die-cut machines that sell embossing plates. As I told you before, I own a Sidekick and I just found out you can purchase embossing plates for the Sidekick that will do the same job at the Cuttlebug. At this point, it is your preference about which machine you purchase.

The second technique she told me seemed more my style as it seemed a little cheaper. However, she cautioned that I needed a lot of patience which I think I can handle. A lightbox and template is needed to achieve the same results. Thanks to MonicaA I have a link to share with everyone that will lead you through the embossing technique. You can find it HERE at the Lasting Impressions Website. I also found a great tutorial at SCS. You can see it HERE

I hope you found this useful. Unfortunately I don't have an example to show you. However, take a look at the GALLERY I showed you above and I am sure you will get great ideas. Remember those images are © also so NO duplicating!

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