Getting Started

Aloha everyone. While I am sitting here in Hawaii I have been noticing quite a trend with the weather patterns on the guys are sweltering! All the more reason to get inside a do some crafting. I started creating traditional scrapbooks about 2 years ago. However, I had no one around to lend me a helping hand so I never quite evolved into the wide world of scrapbooking. I was very limited, only using photo's, cardstock, stickers and the occasional button. I did however, become a true fan of Jolee's products. After all, I am a starving student and these products are definitely in my price range.

However, since moving to Hawaii I have found many more reasons to develop my scrapping techniques. One of those being the beautiful scenery around me. I have since joined an online scrapping group that not only provides great inspiration and a plethora of knowledge, a great shoulder when needed. Thus I have become accustomed to the world of brads, ribbons, fibers, eyelets, embellishments, and of course Sizzix.

I recently purchased a Sizzix Sidekick and well, that college budget went out the door. For those who don't know, a Sidekick is one of many die-cut machines that allow you to create shapes of almost anything your heart desires. You have two cutting pads and the cutters are actually small "dies" that when rolled through the machine, create the shape of the die. Don't ask me how this actual works because it still baffles my mind :) There are a lot of great advantages to picking up this machine as opposed to the others out there. First off, it is very small. I have very limited room in Honolulu and the Sidekick fits snugly into my very small scrapping space. The cuts it can make are small in comparison to the larger Sizzix, it is still a great machine. I have tested it with many papers and so far the only thing it will not cut is chipboard. Another great thing is that it is compatible with Ellison thin dies and of coarse embossing plates (which I will get in to later).

So as you can see, I have developed a true love and fascination with scrapping and more recently stamping. If you join me on this journey, you will develop a love as well. If you are already a brilliant scrapper, feel free to share with the rest of us your wonderful artwork. It can only give us more inspiration.

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