A Law to Protect the Obese Should Never Happen

I will begin by saying this is strictly my own opinion.

I will continue by saying this is the dumbest thing that I have heard in a long while. The thought of creating a law that protects specifically against obesity is preposterous. Anti-discrimination laws are meant to protect characteristics of human life that can not be avoided...such as race, gender, disability, etc. The fact of the matter is, obesity is something that can be treated and SHOULD be treated. A law should not be put in to place that allows this epidemic to continue.

The doctors say it...the studies show it...Americans see it. Our country is moving rapidly into being the most overweight nation in the world, if we are not already there. Along with this disease comes many horrible factors such as heart disease, breathing problems, and death. However, we know that with proper diet, exercise and support, this can be overcome and your life can be changed for the better.

A law such as this is screaming to Americans: it is okay to be overweight because we are protected! I can't believe that our government, on any level, would endorse something that would have the opportunity to allow this disease to grow.

Instead of creating laws to protect these people, we need to work out ways to help them. Programs need to be developed to fight this disease and they need to be provided free of charge so that everyone has access who needs it. The medical community needs to come together and push the correct ways to lose weight out in to the open. We need to work on getting rid of these "lose wight fast schemes."

We need to educate the public more on what needs to be done to be healthy!

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