Look at that Toilet!!!

Brian had a fund raising event to work this weekend for Drug-Free Hawaii. It just so happened that the event was held on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. As far I what I was told the ship was very nice even though they had a mishap involving TB a while back. Turns out though that everything was okay and the passengers had no threat of contracting TB(thank goodness).

The event went well even though it was a long day for Brian. But something absolutely amazing happened at this event. They coordinated a silent auction to raise money for Drug-Free and one of the items up for bid...none other than a TOILET. Yes my friends, a toilet was donated for the silent auction. Apparently this is not just any toilet. This is the ULTIMATE TOILET and it sold for over $500.00! Can you believe that? Someone paid 500 bucks for something that they rub their butt on and poop in. That blows my mind. I think it is pretty funny, don't you?

Other things that went up for auction was a kitchen sink...that gives the old saying "everything but the kitchen sink" a new meaning. Some things that I would have bid on (if I had money) were season tickets for UH sports. They also got rid of a signed football helmet of Colt Brennen, starting quarterback of the Warriors. Believe it or not, that went for $500 too. Can't say that I would have paid that much but I suppose these rich A-holes have nothing better to spend their money on.

Anyway, I though you would be amused that a toilet was auctioned off for so much money.

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