Scrapbook Review---Sizzix Sidekick

I just received my first die cutting machine and I am completely addicted. The Sidekick is a great little machine. It is small making it very portable but it does weigh a lot to be such a little thing. There is no shortage of dies that are compatible either.

The Sidekick is extremely easy to use. The instructions come on the back of the box and are easy to use. I had problems with the machine at first because I was afraid that I was going to break the cutting pads. After you make a "sidekick sandwich" you roll the sandwich through the machine to make your cuts. At first mine would not go through. I felt like I was doing to have to force it through and I was terrified to do this. After a few tries though I forced some courage and the sandwich and it went right through. Perfect cuts! After the first cut the sandwich was much easier to roll through.

My best advice would be to go on Ebay and search for Sizzix Sidekick and try to find one at a bargain price. The machine retails in stores for around $50.00 but you can find them on Ebay for about half that price and still brand new.

If you are not Ebay savvy, it is easy to learn your way around. However, if you just don't want to, head to the Sizzix website and see what you can find. They usually have really good deals on dies and cutters. Be sure to check out the clearance!

So, go buy a Sidekick and some Dies and get to cutting. You will love it.

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