Welcome Baby Lamb

Aloha everyone. Well, I am trying to get caught up with the cards and pages that I have already created, plus I really can't do anymore work on my thesis paper! I have a terrific friend back in Kentucky that is expecting her second child, her first girl. It is a real blessing for her and I am so excited! Since I have gotten in to this card making business I decided to give it a go and create a baby card for her. So here goes nothing...

I got my inspiration from another Sketch Challenge at SCS. This one was rather difficult because I didn't have all the materials that were necessary, but I gave it a go anyway. If you go HERE you can find the sketch for the challenge. I don't know how these ladies come up with such great ideas!

I started out with my regular peice of cardstock 5 1/2" x 9" folded in half. I had this cute designer paper on hand that I am not sure how I got but I finally found a reason to use it :). I cut a peice of green cardstock that would fit half the front of the card. I then cut a piece of the designer paper that would fit about three-fourths of the cards front. I then used my sissors to cut a half circle at one one that would overlap the green paper. This would have been a lot easier had I had a circle punch. **Reminder-Circle Punch is a great tool** The corners are rounded with a corner-rounder (you can get these pretty cheap at Wal-Mart but the fancier ones you will have to splurge a little on...but its worth it)

You should now have your card front with the designer paper creating a circle overlap onto the green. I attached a nice big Prima flower in the middle of that circle and then used a bright pink button as my center. Turned out cute didn't it? Because I don't have any stamps (there are some in the mail!) I free-handed a baby in the bottom left corner and scribbled my greeting on the top. Not too shabby, yea? Give the sketch a go...and don't get too frustrated! :)

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