QK Blogger!

Good evening everyone. It is a late starry night here in Honolulu and I should be working on homework. Instead I am working to spread the cheer (and the word) about QK Bloggers! This is a new blogging club created by Friendly Kat from SCS and her design team. She is a wonderful stamper...go check out her BLOG and her GALLERY

Anywho, QK Blogger is a new blog that is dedicated to building a scrapin' n stampin' database of sorts. It will be a one-stop shop for talented people such as herself to share ideas and get inspiration. Come on, you can't go wrong with that many stampers in one space now can you???

So, if you are a scrapper or a stamper then head over to The Blogger Club and check it out. If you think you could benefit from the site be sure to leave a comment and request membership to the group! It is going to be lots of fun! I hope to see you there :)

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