2 Days In

And I am Pooped! I finished my second day of work and I forgot how tiring desk work can be ;) Just Kidding. I am the Student Writer for the PR Department and I began officially yesterday. As soon as I walked through the door I was bombarded with the most basic of all grunt-work...organizing their video library. Can we say Woo-Hoo! Afterwards I drafted my first press release (on my first day!) and for once it wasn't edited. That is huge! I was so used to being edited at my previous internship that I was beside myself when she sent my press release as I wrote it. I know everyone is probably thinking this is small and something that doesn't really need drama behind it but for a student writer to have something sent out unedited is huge!

Today I was given the background to do a radio advertisement. I had never done a radio spot before and was quite excited to get the chance. Lessons learned! It is very hard to get everything in a 30 second advertisement. It was a lot of fun though. People thought I was crazy because I was talking to myself in the back of my cubicle (I'm not crazy, I just had to make sure it could be said in 30 seconds!) The rest of the day was spent writing commentary for a softball tournament on campus this weekend to raise charity money for the Aloha United Way. Didn't get it finished but I am sure they can take over tomorrow...since I only work 3 days a week :) I think I could get used to this :)

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