A Christmas Gift Already

I know, I know. It is too early. But when you have to worry about a job, school, and getting everything mailed in time to make it from Hawaii, I feel the need to start early to get it all done! This is an expandable scrapbook that I made for a gift for my aunt. I just love these and they are so easy to make. I changed computer so I lost the link to the directions but I will search for them and get it posted. The sketch for the front came from Beate's weekend sketch. I know you are supposed to create a card but I just had to give it a try for the cover. The paper is from a local scrap store and is from Creative Native. They have an online store...Paper Island...and it is on the right hand side of my blog down there ---> I cut a piece of basic white and wrote a great quote on the front: What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And most importantly, COOKIES! I just loved that :) I made 2 photo corners and used a green glitter gel pen to doodle a border. And what about those flowers! Aren't those SCRUMPTIOUS! You can find the tutorial on those here. They are so simple and so beautiful! Definitely give them a try! You will most definitely be seeing those from me more often! I closed the book with a white ribbon. Since it is for my aunt, it will be filled with photos of my cousins with chipboard letter names. I am so excited for her to get this. If only I was going to be home for Christmas...*sigh*

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beate said...

Crystal, this looks great!
The sketch challenge is for whatever you can make with it. I try to make a scrapbook page with each of the challenges on Sunday!
Hugs and smiles