A little Altering

Can you believe that I have never altered anything. ***gasp*** I KNOW! I just thought that was crazy. So, I made this vow that I was going to try and make most of the Christmas presents that I sent home this year. So what better way to start altering?

Colleen over at Distinctive Touches threw down an altering challenge last Thursday so I thought now is the best time to start. Her challenge was to alter something lying around the house. Frankly, I don't have anything. I live in a 200 square foot closet (if that) so I don't necessarily have things around the home besides the absolute basics. For the altering, I went out and bought a cheapy frame that could use a touch up for my grandma.

The altering was very simple. It was my first time using Modge Podge so I learned some valuable lessons. First, don't be stingy with the stuff. Second, it is much easier if you use a credit card or the like to smooth out the paper. This keeps it consistent.

I really enjoyed this project. I used You're Missed from Around the Block paper and blue Paperbilities card stock to make the photo corners. The paint is Folk Arts acrylic craft paint. The flowers are from Greenhouse and are held together with green and blue brads.

3 Shack Opinions:

Flossie's Follies said...

This came out great, you did a wonderul job altering this. Aren't altered projects fun.

Colleen said...

This frame turned out GREAT!!! I love it. Thanks so much for playing...I am sure your grandmother will adore it.

Scrapping Donna said...

I really like the altered frame. It turned out wonderful!

Recently I have started altering objects too..they are so much fun, aren't they? And make great presents!!