On a New Track

Yes, that is correct. I am on a new track as of last week. So, I am now officially on a health kick. I realize that I have a very healthy appetite, especially when it comes to chocolate. However, I have to take this change in small steps. In the words of Brian, I have to ween myself. Not that I need to lose weight. I just need to be healthier like I used to be. So, every Sunday there will be a diary update on my new health track. As of last Wednesday:

Walked: Wed-2 miles
Thurs-2 miles
Fri- 1.5 miles
Sat- 2 miles
Sun- Lazy

Total= 7.5 miles.

I have not gathered the courage to actually buy a scale or anything. Hopefully one day I will muster that courage and be able to report actual numbers and progress!

But for now, each week I am going to set a new goal. Not a miles walked goal; that is a given each week. Instead a 'fitness' goal of some sort.

The new fitness goal for this week: NO ELEVATORS OR ESCALATORS---ONLY STAIRS.

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