On a New Track Week 2

Ok, so it has been another week and well, not to successful. I think I picked the worst time to get this whole new track thing started. For starters, it was Halloween this week so who has the time to run that day??? For some credit I will say that I walked the streets of Waikiki for a couple of hours if that means anything :) Next, we hit the rainy season here in Hawaii. The result, rain non-stop since Saturday. My lanai has flooded and almost creeped into the apartment. To make things worse, we had thunderstorms. Yes, Thunderstorms! It never storms in the islands unless the conditions are, shall we say, PERFECT FOR STORMS. This time, two systems merged directly on top of the islands and has just sat there. Needless to say...I AM SICK OF THE RAIN AND THE RAINY SEASON HAS JUST BEGUN!

At any rate, I can say that I kept my goal...only stairs. I am proud of that one and will keep it up for sure.

My goal for next week, riding my bike or walking to complete errands. This should be a fun one! I really enjoying riding during the day, especially now that we are in 'fall'.

So, what did I do exactly you ask?

Mon- 2 miles walk
Tues-1 mile run
Thurs-2 mile walk
Sat- raining
Sun- raining

I guess that is not so bad ;) Ok, I could have done better. As I sit here typing this, it is once again falling a flood outside. So, not sure about running today...

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