Something new and fun!

Aloha everyone! I have something fun to share with you that I am totally in love with. Check out this background made with tissue paper. To make this is so simple.

First you find tissue paper that you like and crumple it to give it texture. Then you build your card sandwich. First a piece of wax paper, then your card or cardstock that you want covered, then plastic wrap, then the tissue paper, and lastly another piece of wax paper. After you have made your sandwich, you need to "warm" it. You do this using an iron. Simply run the iron over the sandwich for several seconds giving the plastic wrap time to melt. Let that cool and then peel you card from the wax paper. Wallah! Your card with a very cool background.

Sometimes you just can't find the tissue paper you are looking for. I have this problem. Solution: purchase solid color tissue paper and stamp your design that you like. Follow the same process as above.

But, what if you don't have tissue paper in your budget. I know some of us have no-buy policies going on for the holidays so I have a solution using only things that you will need for your home. Instead of tissue paper, use COFFEE FILTERS! Almost everyone drinks coffee these days so you should have filters laying around. Check out this card background using coffee filters.

So easy, fun, and cheap! Give it a try. Mahalo for stopping by!

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