Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Wishing you Wealth and Prosperity!

Aloha Everyone! Well, things with the thesis are going well. No major problems thus far; I just hope it stays that way! Hope everyone is having a great weekend :D We spent the day ringing in the Chinese New Year in Chinatown here in Honolulu which hopefully explains the title of the post :D. It was a day of festivities and good Chinese food! You can check out a small video below I uploaded to youtube if you want. The Chinese tradition involves the Lion Dance to invite the new year as well as ward off evil spirits. Money (traditionally put in red envelopes) are offered to the lions. It is a great tradition to participate in since Hawaii has a HUGE Chinese population. For more info about the Chinese New Year, see THIS ARTICLE

Now, on the Stampin! I received this adorable card from my Secret Sistah. I can't wait to figure out who she is because she is one amazing stamper!

I am part of another online group - RCS - and we are doing a mini Christmas challenge. We get to set our own Christmas card goals each month and to mix it up a bit, we throw in our own monthly challenge to work into a Christmas theme. This is January's card. I set my goal at 5 a month because I never need that many cards. The other mini challenge was to use a non-traditional color theme so I chose pink and brown. The card is simple enough. I used Fiskars dry-embossing templates to emboss snowflakes on the pink layer. The three circles are a mitten, snowflake, and 'let it snow' (I am unsure of who the set is by, sorry!) and are attached with some cute red and white fibers. I added two photo corners to the other side. As I was looking at it, I decided that side was pretty bare-thus photo corners :D

As always, Mahalo for stopping by. My sistahs are so awesome. They keep me sane and happy through all this blah I have this month!

9 Shack Opinions:

Flossie's Follies said...

Happy New Year, your card is great, and what a wonderful idea, love the card you received also, I have yet to figure out who my SBS is, I know she is from Illinois

kathleenh said...

Pretty card! That's a great challenge to get all of your Christmas cards done. Then you'll be all set come December.

Lori said...

I have the Fiskar's dry emboss system but haven't had much luck with it. There always seems to be marks from the stylus. What's the secret?

Glad to hear your thesis is progressing. I'm rooting for you!!

Lori SBS2

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Great video! I love your secret sister card & your Christmas challenge card too. It's so fun to do non-traditional colours (and pink & brown is a classic, hey?) :0) Mel

Alex said...

Oh these are cute, well done

savitri said...

Did Chinese New Year past? I'm half Chinese... I forgot :( Glad you had a great time though. Nice cards too. Wonder who your secret sis is.

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Chinese New Year sounds like fun! Do they only celebrate it on the big island? My sister lives on Kauii and I've never heard her say anything about it.
You have one terrific Sistah! I love the card. It's beautiful!
What a great idea to make Christmas cards all year long to beat the last minute angst! Great Christmas card!

Tracy said...

What a fab concept...Christmas year-round to stay ahead. Great only problem would be that I tend to steer clear of anything resembling Christmas until I am "in the spirit" again! lol

Great cards! Keep the pace going on that thesis girl! It WILL BE WORTH IT!

~Michelle~ said...

ooh...your secret sis is sending you fun cards!

I like your let it snow card. I'm anxiously awaiting my corner punches!! I'll be stalking the man in the brown truck on Monday!!!