Sunday Scrappin A Little Late

Hey everyone. Sorry, my Scrappin Sunday will have to fall on Monday. Yesterday, my fridge broke and through all that mess I completely forgot to post. Hopefully I will be getting a new fridge sometime soon.

So, last week my goals were:

-to finish the tags and get them mailed off-SUCCESSFUL

-complete 2 cards for Mother's day-Only got one finished. You can see that card HERE

-Scrap a page-Didn't get to it. I had plans to complete the SCS scrapbook layout on Sunday but you already know what happened there.

My goals for this week include scrapping one page (I will get this done this week), complete another card for Mother's Day, complete a card for my boyfriends birthday and find him a gift.

The bonus question this week was: What's your least favorite project that you've done lately, and why? I would have to say my least favorite project this week would be packing things to send home. LOL. As far as paper projects, I don't think I have done anything recently that I haven't enjoyed. Of course, I haven't been that busy with paper crafting, at least not as much as I would like to be.

1 Shack Opinions:

Chrissy said...

Glad to see you came back. This Sunday or Monday scrappin is addicting!!! I love your mothers day card, very pretty. Have a great week. Hope you find a fridge soon.