Home Sweet Hale

Hey everyone. I hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far. We decided to scope out a small shopping complex today because we had seen a little restaurant over there on our walks to the grocery. Well, wouldn't ya know, I found a MailboxIt with tape! Now I have tape to put together some of the stuff I have been working on. Yippee. Do a happy dance with me. This also means I don't have to go out of my way to mail a package.

I thought I would share another scrapbook page with you. I am trying to get caught up on all of the Hawaii photos that I wanted to get scrapped before I get too many for Colorado. Do you ever catch up when it comes to scrapping memories??? Sheesh.

This page is pics of the tiniest apartment you guys will probably ever see. It was so small in fact, you couldn't fit a bed in the bedroom =0 What?!? Yes, I know. I paid too much to live there. The paper is from a kit I got a while back and I can't remember the name. Sorry bout that. I used a wavy edge of a journaling stencil to create wavy lines then I used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes along the sides for the border. I then mounted my photos on light blue cardstock, added some faux stitching then drew out my title to complete the page. I can honestly say it was one apartment I will never forget. It makes the one I have now look like a mansion.

Thanks for stopping by!

8 Shack Opinions:

~Michelle~ said...

these memories will be more precious with time! love your wavy edge idea....fun!

Maria said...

Hey Crystal!! Great to hear that you're all settled down!! I can imagine how horrible it is to move. . .I hate moving too!

Last year we did a major road trip through Colorado. . . basically the western half of the state. Wow!! It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL drive I've ever experienced. . especially, through the mountains. . .I loved the drive through Telluride.

Coming from Hawaii. . .I know what you mean about the little condos. Argggh, not so worth the cost. I'm surprised the people there can actually afford a house. LOL!

Love your layout!! You must have a lot of pictures to scrap!! Anyway, welcome back!!


Lori said...

Glad to have you back! In college, I shared a place that had been a meat market in one incarnation or another. My "bedroom" was the former walk-in freezer/meat locker. I made the landlord replace the door...it was too creepy--I was able to fit a single bed in there though.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Flossie's Follies said...

Love your scrapbook pages and Congratulations on your graduation.

BeadedTail said...

You'll always look back fondly on all your memories especially of small apartments. Your scrapbook looks great and congratulations on your graduation!

I used to live in Loveland, CO so can imagine how fast a scrapbook can fill up with gorgeous mountain photos!

Bonnie said...

That IS one tiny apartment!! But years later you will remember it with ......fondness!! Great page!

PurrPrints said...

very cute scrapbookin page--I don't think I'd have the patience for scrapbooking, so I'm doubly impressed--lol.

Thanks for your nice compliments on my art btw :)

Mel M. M. M. said...

Love your page. It must be nice to be settled in (especially in a place with more space!) Great idea to start on Hawaii pages before Colorado & I think your right, you can never catch up. But it's fun tryin' ;o)