Lots of cards

If you followed my blog last year, you will remember me participating in a monthly Christmas Card Challenge. The gals at RCS and I are at it again. My goal is to complete 5 Christmas cards a month so I am not frantically trying to get my cards done on December 1. Each month, a participant also posts a challenge to go along with our Christmas cards if we want to participate. Here is the challenge for January:

I know for me, when I look at my stash, I can get a tad overwhelmed,
so challenges and ideas help me focus.

Remember - these are just to provide some inspiration or a little
extra fun - they are not required, and there is no pressure!

Here is the first challenge you may wish to incorporate when making
your CCCs.

"Cleaning up"

I know some of you may be super organized and already have everything
put away after the Holidays - but for any of us that have extra small
bits of wrapping paper, small bags, Christmas cards from that distant
relative that you don't want to keep, but you like the design of....or
even a spare ornament hanger you found in the carpet....

Find a way to incorporate those last few bits of your 2008 into your
first set of 2009 cards.

I didn't have anything lying around as I had all my Christmas cleaned up by the 2nd of January. In a small apartment, you can't just leave things like that lying around or you won't have a path to walk. I did however, keep to all scraps/stash to make my cards. I did 5 of the same card with the only difference being the sticker found in the bottom right corner. These are simple and not too Christmas-y for those friends that don't celebrate. I found last year I didn't have enough generic wintery-type cards for some friends so I am hoping these work this year.

I also got a few thank you cards finished. Five down, only 20 more to go.

Three of this one: Each card has different photos of flowers, otherwise they are the same.

Two of this one: These are identical.

5 Shack Opinions:

ChrissyM said...

you've been a busy card maker. Love the wintery card!! The thank you cards are very pretty too.

Lori said...

We have similar Christmas card goals. I've gotten 4 done so far and hope to do a few more this month--the ones you've posted are great, that Noel ribbon really pops against the blue background. Great job!

~Michelle~ said...

I don't do holiday cards...but this year I am tracking how many cards I make...I think I've made almost 100 in January! WHOOT!

Good luck on your goal!!

Cathrine said...

Thats awesome to plan ahead like that. I think I'm still trying to wrap up last Thanksgiving LOL!

Love that wintery card. The ribbon really pops.

Veena said...

This card has a simple design but very attractive looks perfect for Christmas greetings! love all this card.