Flowers Feed the Soul

For this week's Technique Lovers Challenge we were to try our hand at a surprise pop-up card. I love these cards. I completed one of these a while back for a Christmas card and of course I can't post it because I don't want the secret to get out :) So, I decided to make another one. To check out the tutorial for this wonderful card, go HERE. You can also view the gallery from this link as well. To see the creations for this specific challenge, go HERE.

This is the front of the card before it is opened up. The top card stock is a baby blue color although the photo shows it more whitish. I used the Delightful Doodles stamp set to create a small garden on the front. The stems were inked in teal and the flowers inked in pastel pink. I used tiny buttons to create the center of the flowers and another large yellow button to make the sun. I used a green colored pencil to color in the stems and write the first half of the message on the front.

The slider card is red card stock with a red ribbon attached to the top as a pulley. The back color is green card stock and once it is opened the rest of the message shows. This reads: Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed the soul. I thought this was such an inspirational quote from the Koran and decided to use it on this challenge.

This makes a super cute card that is different than your everyday average folded card. I'm sure everyone would love getting this. Now it's your turn :)

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