A Candy Wonderland

Ahhhh, Halloween. Perhaps the yummiest of all glorious holidays with the exception of, of course, Thanksgiving. Perhaps it is because I posses the greatest of all temptations-the sweet tooth. For others, what makes this day so special? Maybe it is because for one day a year you are able to dress in outlandish costumes that under normal societal conditions would be frowned upon. On the other hand, maybe it is a day in which you can leave your life, your burdens, your identity behind and pretend to be that other person under a mask for a short glimmer of 24 hours.

For me though, it is all about the chocolate. The walls are lined with yummy goodies-


Just simply enjoyment in a bag. However, if I have any faults at all, creamy goodness is my fallout. It is this time of year when all that hard work, that effort to treat yourself better, to eat right, to excersize, to try your best, gets flushed with the remnents of all the chocolate that you were not able to digest.

But oh the candies! The sweet candies! Will I ever lose this sweet tooth? I sure hope not. But Brian swears that he will ween me from chocolately goodness.

So you are probably wondering why the sweet frenzy this week. I have been making goody bags for my co-workers for the holidays. They are getting M&M's. As for me, I get the left-overs :)

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