Where has the time gone and what shall I do now?

Isn't it amazing how you grow up so active that you rarely have time to eat, never get enough sleep, attend practice after school for whatever seasonal sport and then finish up the night with three hours of dance rehearsal all the time while getting straight A's in school and managing a social life? Sometimes, who am I kidding, most of the time I wonder where those days have gone. Aging is such a terrible thing. Now we go to bed early only to get up early and start our repetitive day all over again. Our 'free' time is spent sitting in front of a computer or television because we just don't have the energy or the will to battle the younguns' in public. Better yet, I live in Hawaii where it is sunny and wonderful year-round and I still can't find the time to just play outside. I think even if I did, I would get mucked in public for being a 23 year old child.

What's worse, this is not the epidemic of the aging public. It is a severe issue for children and all the 'wonderful' technology that is consuming their lives. PlayStation's, Xboxes, roller shoes, and the like are leading our country into a land of obesity and the future keiki into a life full of heart disease and high blood pressure. I vow from this day that if the time comes where I have children they will have toys that keep them active and outside.

I guess I have a biased viewpoint of things, growing up in the mountains with a lack of toys. Well, I didn't really have a lack of anything but I hated the indoors. I'm still this way. I get cranky and huffy when I have to live in the house for an extended period of time. I guess that is what has kept me sort-of thin for the past two decades. However, I am slacking in the fitness department. So now that I have vowed to keep my future children out of fat camp, I guess I should heed my own word. I have to get my behind off the couch, from behind the computer, and onto the jogging trail. First stop, Runner's World to get a new pair of shoes. What better way to get motivated that spend some outrageous amount of money for the cause?

As I breathe a sigh of relief and determination, I hope the next time you are reading this I will have made the effort...Some effort...Any effort. Wish me luck.

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